Legacy Natura-TV EU-LIFE
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This website is the follow-up of the closed contribution with this name for the Natura-2000 EU-LIFE project.
After obtaining the user rights for the web name "Natura-TV.de", it is intended to preserve outcome of Natura-2000 EU-LIFE in a private legacy activity.
This version of Natura-TV.de is integrated in the webserver chmblh.eu.
A comprehensive contribution of camera observations at VVND Dettenheim and KIT Nord and other interesting resources is collected in the WEB presentation Natura-TV.
The leaflets LIFE-Projekt Lebendige Rheinauen bei Karlsruhe and Rheinaue bei Linkenheim-Hochstetten were provided by local authorities.
Information about other accessable publications of interest is welcome.
Related contributions are still ongoing, e.g.

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